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Dead Mann Walking: New zombie series on the way

The makers of Continuum are adapting Dead Mann Walking for CBS

It appears the zombie TV series isn’t going anyway. With The Walking Dead having been renewed for a seventh season, and Fear The Walking Dead, Z Nation and iZombie all doing well, it seems the time is ripe for yet another dose of undead dilemmas, with The Hollywood Reporter recently announcing that plans are afoot at CBS to adapt Dead Mann Walking, the bestselling novel from Stefan Petrucha, into a TV series.

The story concerns police detective Hessius Mann, who begins work on a case after being brought back to life, becoming part of the ‘pulse-challenged population – as they are referred to in the book – in the process. Coming across as a mix of iZombie and In The Flesh, if it manages to be as good as those two then we’re definitely optimistic.

Dead Mann Walking Simon Barry
Continuum creator Simon Barry will helm Dead Mann Walking

Responsible for guiding its transition to the small screen is Simon Barry, creator of the recently finished Continuum. As far as themes go, it’s hard to imagine much more of a different proposition to his time-bending cult hit, so we’re intrigued to see how this turns out.

Dead Mann Walking will air on CBS, with an air date yet to be confirmed. For more news on the biggest TV series, pick up the latest issue of SciFiNow.