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Deadpool movie: bad news about the R-rating, guys

Have 20th Century Fox dropped the ball on the Deadpool film already?

Deadpool as he appears in the comics
Deadpool as he appears in the comics

20th Century Fox’s Deadpool movie may have been announced earlier in the week, but Schmoes Know have some news from director Tim Miller that will take the shine off for many fans:

“I heard from the director that they finally figured out the script, and it was right before this was announced, that they figured out, and you guys are all gonna hate this, they figured out how to make it PG-13. And therefore ‘not lose its soul,’ and that’s a quote, of the script so that they can make it.”


If there’s any reason to be hopeful it’s that they’ve at least put the time into making sure that the movie works as a PG-13 release and it’s perfectly possible to make a genuinely funny PG-13 comedy. As a bonus, if the movie’s animated – as the leaked test footage was – then it’s possible to get away with a lot more violence.

Let’s not forget that Dumb & Dumber, Dodgeball: An Underdog Story, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Anchorman are all PG-13 and they managed to not only be funny, but filled with gross-out wierdness too.

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