Deadpool 2 gets a director, and you might not know who he is

Deadpool 2 gets a new director after Tim Miller stepped down

After Tim Miller stepped down from Deadpool 2 last month due to ‘creative differences’, it has been up in the air about who would be taking over from the man who made one of the best movies of the year (arguably the best movie of 2016 with six weeks left to go), but it has now been confirmed that David Leitch (who was uncredited for co-directing John Wick) will be helming the hottest sequel that is currently in the works (and there are a lot of them, let’s be honest!)

Leitch’s name may not be one you know, after all, his directing credits currently consist of that one uncredited movie, and an upcoming title (the Sofia Boutella and James McAvoy starring The Coldest Day). But you have definitely seen his work. He has served as a Stunt Co-Ordinator (or as a part of the Stunt team) on over 80 films, including TRON: LegacyJupiter Ascending and 300. Given that teh biggest and (maybe) best part of Deadpool was the absolutely stunning fight sequences, he should be a good shout.

The real question is whether or not he will be able to deliver on the laughs like the first film did. He worked as an assistant director on Jurassic WorldAnchorman 2 and Captain America: Civil War (among a bunch of other comic book movies and films with elements of comedy in them) so really his body of work is extensive and overs all the right areas.

Also attached to the project at the moment is, of course, Ryan Reynolds as the titled merc with a mouth, and it is rumoured that relative newcomer Rich Sands shall be appearing as Cable/Nathan Summers.

Deadpool 2 will start filming next year, with a current release date of 2 March 2018.