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Justice League is in 2 parts, Green Lantern reboot & more

DC confirm their movie slate up to 2020 with new details on cast and directors

The Justice League, by Alex Ross
DC’s iconic Justice League, by artist Alex Ross

After much speculation about which of its superheroes will be hitting the big screen, Warners Bros have finally revealed their secret (until now) identities to Deadline, which we can disclose to you now:

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)


No real surprises here, having already been announced. Zack Snyder will direct, with Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams and many more starring.


Suicide Squad (2016)


Perhaps the biggest surprise is that this is happening so early, but with Marvel releasing Sinister Six and Deadpool and Venom reportedly being mooted, perhaps DC wanted to fight fire with fire.

The big news here is that David Ayer is confirmed to direct. Having previously helmed gritty dramas Harsh Times and End Of Watch, his appointment speaks volumes about the tone Suicide Squad looks to be adopting.

Of course, the Suicide Squad have already shown up in The CW’s Arrow, but it looks like DC are treating their TV and movie properties as entirely separate entities – which continuity-wise is probably for the best, really.

Wonder Woman (2017)


Again no real surprise – with Gal Gadot confirmed to be starring – although again it’s nice to get some confirmation, especially considering the powers that be’s apparent reticence to do so in previous months.

Justice League: Part 1 (2017)


Yep, you read that right: Part 1. Like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight before them, DC is going down the dividing-their-films-into-segments route – although considering the no-doubt massive scale, this might be for the best.

Affleck, Gadot and Cavill are confirmed to star, with familiar face Snyder on board to direct. The rest of the team’s members haven’t been confirmed yet, but the following films in the list shed a bloody big clue as to who they might be. Regardless, we can’t help but be just-that-bit-ever-so excited by this one.

The Flash (2018)


Further underlining DC’s commitment to draw a line in the sand between film and TV, the Scarlet Speedster will be racing his way to the big screen – more than likely on the back of his appearance in Justice League: Part 1.

In further news, it looks like Ezra Miller, star of the likes of Perks Of Being A Wallflower and We Need To Talk About Kevin, will show up. Whether he’ll be the one slipping on the red spandex is unconfirmed, but we’d say it’s pretty likely. We’d also say there’s a chance that they’ll pick another Flash iteration – Wally West, say – rather than Barry Allen to distance themselves from Grant Gustin’s take in The CW’s The Flash

Aquaman (2018)


The further down the list gets, the greater the risks become. Despite the presence of Game Of Thrones‘ very own Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa, Aquaman will have to fight the mockery of fans, although casting man-mountain Momoa looks to be a pretty good first step when it comes to making people take him seriously.

Shazam (2019)


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s dreams have been confirmed here – Shazam will be going to DC’s superhero ball. The challenges will be myriad, such are the numerous iterations of this character, complicated by years of reboots. Regardless, Johnson was made to be a superhero, and we’re looking forward to seeing what he does here.

Justice League: Part 2 (2019)


Perhaps the only surprise here is that the release date for the second part is spaced so far apart, although we’re sure DC’s reasons will become clear in time. The lack of any further Superman or Batman movies is evident, so expect these two to be the main players – as if they weren’t going to be already.

Cyborg (2020)


We’d call this a best-case-scenario release, in which all the Justice League films are massively successful. However, it could be argued that expecting Ray Fisher – who currently has no credits to his name on the big screen – to headline his own big-budget superhero movie is a big ask. Regardless, a lot could happen in six years – for all we know he could be a mega-star by then, who knows?

Green Lantern (2020)


Saving the best (stop laughing) ’til last, we have the Green Lantern reboot. Hopefully, this will have learned from the mistakes perpetrated by 2011’s Ryan Reynolds-starrer (although we maintain that Reynolds himself is pretty much faultless).

We wouldn’t rule out them choosing the John Stewart iteration as a way of distancing this from Martin Campbell’s ill-fated feature, but this is pure speculation, obviously.

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