DC FanDome: Virtual event to be split for on-demand viewing

DC has announced its virtual event will be divided into two – one on the original date of 22 August and an on-demand edition from 12 September. See the trailer here!

DC has announced that its FanDome virtual event will now be split in two – an eight-hour DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes show on Saturday 22 August, followed three weeks later by DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse, a 24-hour, on-demand experience accessed via the DCFanDome.com program scheduler on Saturday 12 September.

“This is an incredible way to deliver for our fans and offer them twice the DC FanDome experience,” said Jim Lee. “Seeing all the feedback in real-time on social media, we realised that the only way to do ‘Justice’ to DC FanDome was to allow it to evolve and expand into two unique events.”

On 22 August, fans will be transported into the DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes (designed personally by Jim Lee no less!) which features special programming, panels and exclusive reveals from DC films, TV series, games, comics and more (read our pick of the line-up here). Beginning at 18:00 BST, the eight-hour show will air three times during a 24-hour period and can be found at DCFanDome.com.

On 12 September, DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse will give DC fans full access to over 100 hours of on-demand content (from 18:00 BST). To navigate all 100+ hours, viewers can use the official DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse program scheduler found at DCFanDome.com.

Further to this, launching on the same day (12 September), DC Kids FanDome – a kid-friendly companion event to DC FanDome –  can be accessed separately over at DCKidsFanDome.com. The one-day only kid/big-kid festivities kick off at 18:00 BST.

DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes opens its doors on 22 August at 18:00 BST and DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse will be available on 12 September at 18:00 BST – both at DCFanDome.com. DC Kids FanDome also launches on 12 September at 18:00 BST at DCKidsFanDome.com (accessible on-demand for 24 hours).