Daredevil reboot: Josh Hartnett as Matt Murdock?

Daredevil reboot director David Slade likes the idea of casting the Black Hawk Down star as a Marvel icon

Daredevil Born Again by Frank Miller

Daredevil Born Again by Frank MillerDirector David Slade may have hinted at a role for Josh Hartnett in his upcoming reboot of Daredevil. When answering a fan on Twitter calling for the actor to be cast in Daredevil or something Marvel-related, Slade responded with “You and me both”. Obviously, this isn’t a confirmation of anything, but Hartnett at least has a physical resemblance to Matt Murdock in his comic book form, and Slade’s approval of the actor is probably a good sign, especially since the two worked together on 30 Days Of Night. The Daredevil reboot is apparently based on the Born Again comic book, and will have nothing to do with the rough nu-metal infused 2003 picture starring Ben Affleck.