Dan Abnett named as writer on Ultramarines film

Author says the film is true to the source material.

logoDan Abnett, an author known for his work within the Warhammer 40,000 universe and 2000AD, has written the screenplay for the upcoming film Ultramarines, according to a press release from the production.

“I first heard about the movie… two and a half, three years ago,” said Abnett in a video interview on the film’s website. “I was approached for my track record of writing for 40k in comics and novels, they felt that I had the experience in handling the source material, the [intellectual property] IP.” This understanding of the universe has apparently been paramount throughout the process, as Abnett elaborated. “One thing I’ve really noticed about working with the company who are producing this film is that they are regarding the source material with great respect. I think that was probably my biggest concern when I first heard about the project because there had been rumours on and off for years about there being movies and things like that based on 40k. The fear is that someone will come along and seize on the most graphic or iconic parts of the universe… and very rapidly I was assured that this wasn’t going to be like that, that this was going to be treated with the same degree of attention and care, and attention to details I suppose, that we would do on a novel or a game supplement or anything else like that.”

Ultramarines is currently in production, and will be directed by Martyn Pick. The film’s website can be found at http://ultramarinesthemovie.com/. The interview with Abnett is embedded below.