SDCC: Compiling coverage, part one

A few highlights from around the web so far…

It’s finally here, and as usual, there’s a thousand journalistic boots on the ground. San Diego Comic-Con 2009 kicked off last night with a preview of television series, stalls, toys and everything else that you’d expect, but here’s a few highlights from what’s been proliferating around the web like fissile material in the Middle East.

avatarcomicconCameron talks Avatar – In a pre-recorded speech broadcast yesterday, Cameron told audiences that the filmmaking techniques for his new feature, Avatar, due to be unveiled in a few hours, are unlike anything that audiences have ever seen before. For Sci Fi Wire’s full story on the matter, click here.

cafe_diem-thumb-550x412-21173Syfy presence – With most of Syfy’s most anticipated content due to be broadcast soon, or currently on the air now, it’s little surprise that the network has gone all out with its marketing, including turning a restaurant into the famous Cafe Diem from A Town Called Eureka. The picture is also from Sci Fi Wire.

black-beauty-550x412Green Hornet – Seth Rogen was on hand to reveal the Black Beauty, Green Hornet’s new car, at preview night. Michel Gondry was also on hand to ask questions for the press, despite almost being shuffled out of his own junket by over zealous security guards. The picture and article are from /Film.

comic-con-2009-floor-image-stark-industries-iron-man-2Picspam – Steve Weintraub over at Collider has posted up a bunch of photographs from the convention floor during preview night, including an array of Iron Man suits and a number of other items of interest. Also, check out JoBlo’s own picture post.

With the panels about to begin, news will start appearing very shortly. Exciting times, readers!