Coming to Kickstarter: Legend Quests’ live dungeon crawl

Tom Baker stars in Legend Quests’ Fantasy Dungeon Adventures, soon on Kickstarter

f735e5f9e5142dabb75ed144aaabcc33_originalFans of Dungeons & Dragons – or dungeon crawlers in general – will want to check out Legend Quests’ live Fantasy Dungeon Adventure game, coming to Kickstarter on 18 September.

Created by Oliver McNeil and taking place in the form of a team theatre experience, it will give participants the chance to truly take part in a dungeon-crawling adventure, complete with theatrical props, actors and stage illusions. Imagine living the world of your favourite book or videogame – this is the next best thing.

In the words of the Kickstarter page:

“The ‘live’ game is a unique team theatre experience, where as the curtains open on the show, any number of dungeon environments will have been created by the crew. Members of the audience will be invited to enter the stage area and take part in encounter scenes, interacting with our actors. As the adventure unfolds, new scenes will be created in this versatile space for audience members to enter and enjoy. The audience are therefore the players in a thrilling, interactive 2 hour adventure.

“There are games designed for a small participating audience of 30, where everyone gets to have a go and see the journey to the end, or the extreme immersion game with just 10 players (costumes are provided for this version).

Starring Tom Baker as the voice of the dungeon

“Using theatrical lighting, sets, illusions and sound effects, this will be an experience like no other.”

Featuring Doctor Who legend Tom Baker as the voice of the dungeon, and having the benefit of Games Workshop and Fighting Fantasy creator Ian Livingstone on board as project advisor, among numerous other talents, here’s hoping that this becomes a reality.

The Kickstarter campaign goes live on 18 September. For more information, check out the Kickstarter page here.