San Diego Comic-Con 2010 highlights

Thor, The Avengers, Captain America, Battle: Los Angeles, Green Lantern and more.



Hugo Weaving emerged as the real star of the Cap panel, talking extensively about his role as Red Skull. Surprisingly, the production didn’t have a lot of footage to show off, with a small teaser and a segment of footage that was apparently filmed and stitched together last week. Most importantly, the Macguffin for Thor, Captain America and The Avengers was more or less revealed as being the Cosmic Cube and the Infinity Gauntlet, which was wheeled out onto the floor for fans to look at for five minutes only. Joe Johnston also said that Raiders Of The Lost Ark had a timeless quality, was his favourite film, and wanted Captain America to have the same. Reports of the footage describe it as having an Indiana Jones-esque feel to it as well.