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Clive Barker’s Weaveworld TV series is coming from The CW

Warehouse 13 showrunner is developing a Weaveworld TV show

Clive Barker’s 1987 novel Weaveworld is one of the author’s most oustanding achievements; a bold, sprawling, fantastical, and frequently horrifying fantasy. It’s brilliant, and it’s never been adapted until now.

Deadline reports that Warehouse 13 show runner Jack Kenny has signed on to write and executive produce a TV series based on Weaveworld for The CW, and that the show will be executive produced by Barker himself.

The CW might seem like a slightly odd fit. Although it’s not one of Barker’s most graphic novels, it’s not free from gore and nudity…

However, it’s not going to be exactly the Weaveworld of the book, as the site states that the series “gives a contemporary makeover to the premise of the novel, which was published in 1987. In the TV adaptation, an app designer teams up with a young pastry chef who has just discovered that she is destined to be guardian of a mythological realm that can be accessed through a portal in an old Savannah mansion. Together, they fight an epic battle with evil forces who are vying for control of the magical world.”

So, we’re not in Liverpool anymore…

While we’ve got some concerns about fidelity, Barker’s presence is reassuring, and to be honest it’s kind of exciting to see his work being adapted again. It’s been a good long while since the trio of Books Of Blood movies came out from 2008-2009 (The Midnight Meat TrainBook Of Blood, and Dread). It’s exciting to see movement on something that’s not another attempt to reboot or sequel-ize Hellraiser.

Here’s the plot synopsis for the novel:

WEAVEWORLD is an epic adventure of the imagination. It begins with a carpet in which a world of rapture and enchantment is hiding; a world which comes to life, alerting the dark forces and beginning a desperate battle to preserve the last vestiges of magic which Humankind still has access to.

WEAVEWORLD is a book of visions and horrors, a story of quest, titanic struggles, of love and of hope. It is a triumph of imagination and storytelling, an adventure, a nightmare, a promise…”

You can buy Weaveworld for £7.99 at Amazon.co.uk. Keep up with the latest genre news with the new issue of SciFiNow.