Christopher Nolan might return to superhero movies

How good would Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan be on a Doom Patrol movie?

Christopher Nolan on the set of The Dark Knight
Christopher Nolan on the set of The Dark Knight

Speaking to Time Out in support of his new cosmic epic Interstellar, The Dark Knight trilogy director revealed that he hasn’t closed the door on his superhero past.

“I think I had a great experience with the superhero genre and got to explore a lot of things, but it was a good decade of my life and I find it hard to imagine returning to it. But never say never.”

It’s difficult to see him returning to Batman – and would we want him to? – or being a part of the mainline DC or Marvel worldbuilding given his unmistakable style, so where else could he go?

Seeing as DC aren’t adverse to movies outside of their cinematic universe (Sandman, for example) – how about something with the potential for perception-shifting cosmic weirdness like Vertigo’s Doom Patrol, Shade, The Changing Man or Animal Man?

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