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Captain America: Civil War adds two interesting last minute cast members

Will Captain America: Civil War cross over with Netflix’s Luke Cage?

We’re only a couple of weeks away from Captain America: Civil War‘s release, but Marvel has this week announced some last minute additions to the cast.

The first is the marvellous Jim Rash, best known to many as Dean Pelton from Community. The second is Alfre Woodard, who is particularly interesting seeing as she’s also set to appear in Netflix’s Luke Cage as Mariah Dillard. Does that mean Captain America: Civil War will become the first MCU film to cross over with Netflix’s series of Marvel shows?

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Both Woodard and Rash’s involvement in Civil War seem to have been revealed by accident when both their names were included on a Disney list of cast members who will be attending the film’s upcoming premiere. Since the list was issued, sources have claimed that Woodard will play a small but pivotal part in Civil War as the mother of an American citizen who was killed during the Battle of Sokovia in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Sure, the character description doesn’t make it sound like Woodard will provide a link between Civil War and Luke Cage. But it’s often been stated that the MCU films and the Netflix series share the same continuity, so why would they cast Alfre Woodard twice? It doesn’t make sense. Unless Disney is lying. We may be grasping at straws here but whatever.

Captain America: Civil War is in UK cinemas from 29 April. Get a behind the scenes look at the film in the new issue of SciFiNow