Black Widow movie might actually be happening as a writer is hired

Marvel might really, finally be moving ahead with a Black Widow solo movie

It’s been about eight years since Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow was introduced in Iron Man 2 and the rumblings about a possible solo movie began. Those rumblings then became questions, as the years and movies passed without any sign of Natasha Romanoff getting her own story. However, things might finally be about to change.

The Wrap reports that Jac Schaeffer, a Blacklist screenwriter who wrote and directed 2009’s SF comedy TiMER starring Buffy’s Emma Caulfield, has been hired by Marvel to write the film. Variety adds that this is extremely early days for the project, and that it doesn’t even have a greenlight yet, let alone a director. However, they claim that Kevin Feige met with a series of writers and that Johansson was consulted about what she wants from a Black Widow solo movie.

Given its incredibly early stages, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the film before 2020 (at least), and the studio does have release dates for unspecified films on 1 May, 7 August and 6 November 2020. One of those will likely be occupied by Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, but the other two could still be up for grabs. Their 2019 is extremely busy with Captain Marvel, another Spider-Man film and Avengers 4 all hitting. After that point, we’ll have a much better idea of what the next phase of the MCU will look like, and if we’ll have lost any of the old faces…

All that aside, it’s about damn time Black Widow had her own film, so as belated as this is, this is nothing but good news.

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