Ben Affleck wanted to direct Justice League movie

Actor/director Ben Affleck is reported to have turned down Warner Bros’ offer.

Ben Affleck in 2010’s The Town

Ben Affleck, whose previous superhero contributions are limited to playing Matt Murdoch in 2003’s Daredevil, is right at the top of Warner Bros’ list to direct their Justice League movie, which is expected to dovetail with Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man Of Steel and whatever post-Christopher Nolan form the Batman franchise takes.

According to Deadline though, Affleck already turned down the project a couple of days ago, although he might meet with them to hear them out (and possibly to ask why they’ve announced that they want him to direct it, despite him already telling them no).

Bearing in mind his fantastic urban crime dramas Gone Baby Gone and The Town, it’s a shame he can’t be convinced to take on the next phase of Batman for Warner Bros, or perhaps even help Fox out of their Daredevil jam