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Batman V Superman: 6 ways that Superman has changed

6 ways that Superman has changed between Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman

1. Superman is buffer than he was in Man Of Steel

Superman star Henry Cavill has clearly piled on the muscle mass for the sequel, perhaps daunted by Ben Affleck’s meaty looking Batman. After all, it wouldn’t be good for appearances if the millionnaire in the Dracula costume looked like he could snap the immortal alien in half.

Batman V Superman

2. Superman’s ‘ribs’ are different in Batman V Superman

This new Superman costume has thinner ‘ribs’ on the torso and the wrist compared to Man Of Steel. Make your own “ribbed for her pleasure” joke if you want.

3. Superman’s belt is different in Batman V Superman

The belt is slightly bigger from the previous incarnation (which was more of an implied belt than an actual thing) and the oval buckle has been swapped out for a small one with a faint ‘S’ design.

Batman V Superman

4. Superman’s shield is smaller than it was in Man Of Steel

The chest shield has been moved down and looks slightly smaller, probably to accentuate Cavill’s superhuman pecs and bring him in like with Frank Miller’s stacked depiction of the character in The Dark Knight Returns.

5. Superman’s hair is different from Man Of Steel

Henry Cavill’s hairline might be receding (commiserations bro), but this more pronounced widow’s peak and sculpted hairdo brings to mind Alex Ross’s depiction of the older Superman in Kingdom Come, another rumoured influence on Batman V Superman.

Batman V Superman

6. Superman’s boots are different in Batman V Superman

See that double line at the top of his boots? There’s an extra lining sewn in, there. It seems that his arctic adventures, hitchhiking around the snowy north and the cold hard vacuum were nothing compared to the icy drizzle of Gotham.

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