Avengers 2 adds Kim Soo-hyun as new mystery character

Avengers: Age Of Ultron casts Claudia Kim for key role, but who is she playing?

Kim Soo-hyun teases possible Iron Man role
Kim Soo-hyun teases possible Iron Man role

South Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun – also known as Claudia Kim – has been added to the cast of Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron, saying on Twitter, “After a long wait, I’m happy to be back with great news.

“I have a lot to do ahead of me, but for now, the words “Welcome to the Marvel Universe” are amazing and kind of overwhelming. I was a fan of Marvel Comics, and if you really like something, looks like fate can make it happen.”

ComicBookMovies quoted a Korean Marvel rep as saying,”It would be a spoiler, so we can’t tell you which character she will play.

“Marvel always prohibits telling too much about the story. Her character is already decided and the scene is already written so we cast Kim Soo Hyun, but we can’t let you know about her character. We only can say that her character is a substantial supporting role.”

The rumour mill is obviously already cranked into overdrive with – predictably – every possible Asian Marvel character mentioned, including a female Shang Chi.

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