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Ash Vs Evil Dead: 5 Reasons why it will be great

Here’s why you should be looking forward to Bruce Campbell’s return in Ash Vs Evil Dead

-1     It’s happening. After years of teasing what’s next in the Evil Dead saga, Starz announced that Ash would return to chainsaw Deadites in new TV series Ash Vs Evil Dead. We were cautiously optimistic… until we saw the trailer. Now we’re wildly optimistic. “We’ve always come here promoting other projects, and it’s always been the fans at Comic-Con that say ‘Screw that, where’s Evil Dead!” laughed Raimi. And now we’ve got it.

1 ORIGINAL PARTSash-vs-evil-dead-tv-show
We would have been very sceptical of any sort of continuation of Ash’s story without the involvement of the original creators, so it was a tremendous relief to see that Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert are present, working with showrunner Craig DiGregorio to make sure the Evil Dead spirit remains.

The Evil Dead remake was fine. But the real Evil Dead will always live and die with Ash. It’s about 30 years since he last saw off the Deadites, and a lot of things haven’t changed. He’s still a stock boy, and a loud-mouthed braggart, but perhaps most importantly, he’s still got the boomstick and chainsaw hand ready to go.

3 …BUT HE’S NOT ALL THEREAsh-vs-Evil-Dead-Bruce-Campbell-wink
He lives in a trailer, he drinks, he sleeps around, and he doesn’t do a lot of cardio. He’s also got more than one screw loose thanks to living with the knowledge of the terrifying evil in the world. “Ash, even in his prime, would be the wrong guy to save the world,” Campbell deadpanned. “Now he’s 30 years older and he has to save the world. I’m really worried for the world!”

4 BAD-ASS NEW FACESlucy-lawless-ash-vs-evil-dead
Helping this older, wheezier Ash on his way to saving the world are fellow Value Stop employees Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), who have to put up with his bullshit and advice. Meanwhile, Michigan state trooper Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones) is hunting Ash, believing him to be the man behind a series of gruesome murders, while genre legend Lucy Lawless is mysterious monster hunter Ruby.

As evidenced by the Comic-Con trailer, Ash Vs Evil Dead is not going to be light on gore. The show is going out on Starz in the US, which showed the Raimi-produced Spartacus. With a messy interaction between a broken bottle and a neck, a knife through a hand, a killer doll and a Deadite turning her head all the way around in the teaser, we’re not worried.

Ash Vs Evil Dead starts 31 October on Starz in the US, with a UK airing to follow. Read more about the series inside the latest issue of SciFiNow.