Arrow Season 3 casts DC superhero Katana

Sin City star Devon Aoki joins the cast of The CW’s Arrow as Batman ally Katana

Devon Aoki in Sin City
Devon Aoki in Sin City as the assassin Miho.

According to Deadline, Sin City and 2 Fast 2 Furious star Devon Aoki has been added to the cast of Arrow Season 3 as Tatsu Yamashiro.

Slated to be a recurring character and one of Oliver Queen’s mentors in the Hong Kong flashbacks, Tatsu Yamashiro is known to comic fans as Katana – a classic member of Batman’s Outsiders team.

Katana as she appears in DC's New 52
Katana as she appears in DC’s New 52

Introduced in The Brave And The Bold #200 (July 1983) by writer Mike W Barr and artist Jim Aparo, Katana is master martial artist whose Soultaker sword contains the soul of those it has killed – including her husband, who was murdered by his Yakuza thug brother.

Usually depicted as Batman’s loyal agent, Katana also appeared in the short-lived Beware The Batman animated series.

It’s worth noting that in the New 52, Katana and Green Arrow are members of rival mystical weapon-themed clans – the Sword and Arrow Clans, obviously.

Comics, everyone!

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