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Ant Man spoilers: Corey Stoll on Yellowjacket’s dark path

Corey Stoll on why Ant Man’s main villain is motivated by jealousy

Corey Stoll
Corey Stoll stars as main adversary Darren Cross

Having played essentially good but flawed characters in House Of Cards and The Strain,   will see Corey Stoll go properly dark as Darren Cross, the former proetege to Michael Douglas’s Hank Pym. But as Stoll reveals, his desires are inspired by very human emotions: greed and jealousy, especially with regards to the former’s Ant-Man suit.

“He’s trying to sort of have his cake and eat it too,” says Stoll. “I think he sees himself as this incredibly important figure in world history, and there are incredibly benign and positive things that you could do with that technology; you could actually sort of single handedly solve global warming if you could just shrink down all the emissions, things like that! But of
course, that’s not where the money is in his worldview, so he goes dark.”Yellowjacket Corey Stoll

As we’ve seen in the trailer, he will also clash with Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) at some point. And it’s fair to say that when he finds out Lang is working with Pym, he won’t be best pleased.

“Scott is his rival as a protégé. When Darren finds out about Hank passing the
torch onto Scott and letting him wear the suit, that’s really the ultimate betrayal – he’s been dying to do that. Scott is a reluctant hero; he needs to be convinced to take on this mantle, whereas Darren sees himself as the sort of rightful heir who’s been replaced. So he does not like Scott!”

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