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Anne Hathaway’s Colossal is getting sued by Godzilla

Nacho Vigalondo’s monster movie Colossal is met with a giant roaring lawsuit from Toho

godzillaIt was recently announced that Anne Hathaway would be starring in Colossal, a monster movie from TimeCrimes and Open Windows director Nacho Vigalondo, but the film has hit its first giant speedbump.

THR reports that Toho Studios are suing the movie, which is being shopped around by Voltage Pictures at Cannes, because “are brazenly producing, advertising, and selling an unauthorized Godzilla film of their own.”

Colossal, which is described “Godzilla meets Being John Malkovich,” would star Hathaway “as a woman who realizes her mind is strangely connected to a giant lizard destroying Tokyo.”

Toho can also point to Vigalondo’s description of the movie in a 2014 interview, which is very heavy on the “G” word. “It’s going to be the cheapest Godzilla movie ever, I promise. It’s going to be a serious Godzilla movie, but I’ve got an idea that’s going to make it so cheap that you will feel betrayed.”

Toho is currently working on a Godzilla movie of their own, while Legendary and Gareth Edwards are putting together a sequel to last year’s American Godzilla. There’s more reasons for the lawsuit in that THR article, basically hammering home the fact that it sounds like Vigalondo is making an unlicensed Godzilla movie.

We do hope this gets resolved, we love the idea of Vigalondo taking on a monster movie. His V/H/S/3 segment was…well, it was something, and we would like more of that, please.

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