Alien: Paradise Lost recruits Spectre and Penny Dreadful writer

John Logan boards Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel

Ridley Scott dropped a lot of teasers about the direction he wants to take his Prometheus sequel in, and it sounds as though there’s going to be a real effort to take the film further towards the Alien franchise.

Variety now reports that Scott has found the writer to help him steer Alien: Paradise Lost in his Gladiator scribe John Logan.

Logan is currently best known for his work with Sam Mendes on James Bond, writing both Skyfall and Spectre, and he’s got a lot of experience of working with established monsters as the writer of Showtime’s none-more-Gothic monster mash Penny Dreadful. His impressive CV also includes The Last Samurai, The Aviator and Rango.

“I’ve met a lot of scientists who have whet my appetite for the technical possibilities of the future, but I’ve always wanted to get a group of them together and ask them if they’re religious,” teased Scott. “Because you’d be surprised how many dyed-in-the-wool astrophysicists there are who say that, yes, they believe in God.

“And I ask them how that relates to the profession of mathematics. Science will say we are random and biological. So if you go further than that, and say you believe in a higher power, are you saying you don’t adhere to the scientific plausibility of why, say, you and I can talk on this phone right now? Or is there a much larger connection that we can’t grasp yet? For me, that’s the biggest question we have left to explore, and that will be the underlying discussion of the next Prometheus film.”

Alien: Paradise Lost is the next film to shoot on Scott’s busy slate, looking to film in Australia in February. Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace will return, while Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation star Rebecca Ferguson has been rumoured to star.

Alien: Paradise Lost will be released on 30 May 2017. Keep up with the latest genre news with the new issue of SciFiNow.