A new Amityville Horror movie is on the way

This time Amityville 1974 promises to tell the real story

The Amityville Horror house

After 23 films based on The Amityville Horror, you would be forgiven for thinking that anything that could possibly be said about that haunted house has already been said. But wait! There’s more, apparently.

Amityville 1974 has been announced as a prequel to the original film, and it’s set to be directed by Casey La Scala, who produced 2017’s Amityville: The Awakening. This time, though, the film promises to tell the only part of the ‘based on true events’ Amityville story that’s actually real: the murders that took place in the house in November 1974.

Ronald DeFeo Jnr shot and killed six members of his family in one night, an act which he later blamed on demonic voices driving him to kill. La Scala calls that real-life story a ‘jumping off point’ for his film, and we can expect the film to lean hard into the demonic voices angle.

Amityville 1974 is being produced by Wonderfilm, and no release date has been set yet. Get all the latest horror news with every issue of SciFiNow.