Watching TV still beats watching computers

You can keep your torrents and blatantly democratic viewing habits.

supernatural2There’s a…let’s say, culture of people watching US TV shows before they air over here, particularly for those shows of a sci-fi persuasion. Is it legal? Who’s to say, I’m not a lawyer (it probably is massively illegal). Having said that, it’s not something that I myself have ever really bothered with. Even if I have to endure spoilers from all corners of the web until a UK broadcaster belatedly airs a show, there’s still something endearing about watching ordinary ol’ TV (even with the ads) that I like.

Clearly, I’m of a dying breed, but let’s think of the advantages – you’ve got audio/visual quality that you won’t usually get on a computer, decently timed intervals between installments and…well, actually, I ran out. But that’s enough for me.

I still feel like television has a unified ‘event’ quality to it, as well. Look at Saturday’s Doctor Who premiere – it got everyone talking. No amount of TV-out cables and torrent sites can replace that.