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Superbowl trailers: Captain America, Thor, Super 8 and more

Who says it’s about the football?

Yesterday, in the land where ‘football’ means something else…oh, who cares. Here are the trailers from Superbowl XXXIXWhatever:

Captain America: The First Avenger


Super 8


Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (still a great title)


Cowboys and Aliens


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


So, what do you think? Some quick thoughts: Cowboys and Aliens still promises Harrison Ford on a horse, which is bloody brilliant; Captain America looks interesting, but we’re not sold on the bright suit or the campy tone, plus a longer trailer would’ve suited at this point; Super 8 has the air of an Eighties/Nineties Spielberg movie, though it’s not nearly as interesting as the first trailer; Thor could be great.

Oh, and Transformers looks shit – like a fairground ride. Weigh in! What’s your most anticipated summer movie?