Twin Peaks: The 45 minutes you never saw

Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost says we could be getting closer to watching unseen footage from the show

Ever since Twin Peaks was cruelly cancelled after just two seasons in 1991, fans have never let the show be forgotten. There were rumours we might get to see more material from David Lynch’s movie prequel, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, but now co-creator Mark Frost has confirmed to SciFiNow that we’re certainly getting closer.

“There’s a large chunk of the movie that’s never been seen because David (Lynch) had to cut it down to a more manageable length for release,” he told us, “and we’re hoping that sometime in the next couple of years we’re gonna be able to release those scenes. There’s about 45 minutes of material so that’s something people will be able to see pretty soon.”

Fire Walk With Me was directed and written solely by David Lynch, but Frost enjoyed what he saw. “I thought it was a brilliant way to both go forwards and backwards in time and extend the timeline of the mythology,” he says.

Twin Peaks was axed just as the showrunners were regaining their stride after a narrative dip once the Laura Palmer mystery was solved. Frost admits they “lost momentum,” but once the next major storyline about Cooper and his nemesis Windom Earle kicked off, there seemed to be bags of potential for a third season.

If it hadn’t disappeared off air, how long could it have ran for? “Well, I know we were certainly geared up to do a third year,” says Frost. “The number five always stuck in my head. I felt we had started something that – with our full attention – could have ran for five seasons. It was what it was then, and who knows what will happen in the future, so we’ll see.”

This certainly gives us hope that the creative duo will return to the much-loved series at some point in the future, but for now Frost is busy working on his first YA novel. The Paladin Prophecy is the first in a trilogy of books about Will, a teen who’s careful to live under the radar at his parents’ insistence. But when he scores off the charts on a nationwide exam, he starts being followed by men in dark hats.

The mystery that unfolds shows a return to the format he loves, “If everything is laid out from the beginning and you know where everything’s going then I feel less motivated to turn the page,” he says. “So I guess I would describe my writing for these books as trying to create a mystery that is constantly unfolding and pulling you along, but also answering your questions as we go, and raising new ones.”

The Paladin Prophecy is available now for £10.11 from Amazon UK.