Merlin Series 5: Uther will return when Arthur needs him

“Uther gets to play some key emotional scenes,” says Merlin co-creator Johnny Capps.

King Uther was cruelly killed off in Merlin’s last series when Morgana’s curse meant that any magic used to save him would do the exact opposite, but now he’s set to return in Series 5 for an exciting guest appearance.

“It was sad because Julian [Jones] and I love Tony [Head], he’s great fun to have in the cast,” says co-creator Johnny Capps, “and we talked to Tony and said, ‘We want to bring you back in some form,’ and we were going to bring him back towards the end of last season, but the way the story arcs went it felt more appropriate to bring him back in Season 5.”

The point where he returns, Capps reveals, will be “at a point in Arthur’s life where he is absolutely missing his father, and at a moment where he is having a bit of a wobble as king and needs some advice.”

How he returns is being kept a closely guarded secret, however, but Capps has told us he will get to interact with Merlin. “He gets to play some key emotional scenes and he has this amazing scene with Merlin,” he says. “They have a good conversation, a conversation that they should have had a long time ago about Arthur.”

The appearance will only be for one episode, but it will resolve some unfinished business for the former King of Camelot. “It’s nice because Uther comes back and is able to have those emotional scenes that he probably didn’t have because he died sooner than he should have.”

Merlin Series 5 returns in the Autumn on BBC One. Merlin Series 4 is available on DVD for £15.34 and on Blu-ray for 23.49 from