Grimm Season 2 “will see Nick come into his own”

Co-creators David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf talks Season 2 of Grimm

The hinted at mythology of Grimm will be revealed in more detail next year, while main character Nick will become a full-fledged Grimm.

“The next year will be about Nick coming into his own a lot more,” says co-creator Greenwalt, when we ask what’s coming up in season two.

“There will be people from Nick’s life who appear – and it’ll be about him becoming a more realised Grimm, if you will. He’s going to face a lot of competent enemies in the next year, too.” Fellow co-creator Jim Kouf says that the Grimm royalty will be a key component of that, too. “We’ll find out Royalty is pulling a lot strings of what’s going on.”

Grimm will return to NBC in August, while the show is nearing its season one finale on Watch in the UK.