Sleep: Exclusive clip for new Arrow horror

New horror movie, Sleep tells the story of three women who are surrounded by death and we have an exclusive clip introduced by the director and co-writer Michael Venus.


Out now on the ARROW streaming channel, Sleep is the debut horror feature from Michael Venus who has drawn influence from Mario Bava, David Lynch, Franz Kafka and the Brothers Grimm.

To celebrate the movie premiering on ARROW this month, we have an exclusive clip of the movie introduced by Venus himself.

Watch it here…

Sleep focusses on Marlene (Sandra Hueller, Requiem) who is tormented by recurring nightmares of a place she has never been. But when she discovers the place is real, she cannot help but investigate. Once there, she suffers a breakdown and is admitted to a psychiatric ward.

Determined to discover what happened to her, Mona (Gro Swantje Kohlhof) her daughter, follows and finds herself in Stainbach, an idyllic village with a dark history/secret. What is it that so tormented her mother, and the people of Stainbach? What is the source of the nightmares she suffered? Who is the mysterious Trude that lives in the forest?

Sleep is out now on the ARROW streaming channel.