Bigfoot Hunters: UK artwork exclusive reveal for upcoming creature feature

Three people set out into the wilderness to find Bigfoot in new comedy mockumentary, Bigfoot Hunters, and we’re exclusively revealing its UK artwork!

If you go down to the woods today… you might be able to join the hunt for the legendary sasquatch! Out next month, Bigfoot Hunters is a creature feature-comedy mockumentary and we’re exclusively revealing its UK artwork!

Now prove that not all Bigfoot hunters are scared, crybaby loonies and watch the trailer below…

Directed by and starring Zach Lampugh and Brian Emond, Bigfoot Hunter follows Brian Emond, a millennial clickbait reporter longing to work on serious news stories. Unfortunately for him and his producer Zach, their network has zero faith in them and sends them into the Appalachian Mountains in search of Bigfoot.

Along for the ride is their guide, Jefferey, the only cryptozoologist to have encountered the legendary sasquatch in recent times. The three set out into the wilderness with one goal: find Bigfoot. What could possibly go wrong…?

Fractured Visions presents Bigfoot Hunters in cinemas 22 October and on digital 25 October.