Win Death Line remastered on Blu-ray with our latest competition!

Win a remastered Blu-ray copy of 70’s Brit horror Death Line with our competition

To celebrate the release of Gary Sherman’s Brit horror Death Line on Blu-ray, we’re giving away two copies of the film. For your chance to win, answer the question at the bottom of the page.

Donald Pleasence gives a memorable performance as an idiosyncratic police inspector hot on the trail of a nest of inbred subterranean cannibals in this notoriously violent arthouse slasher movie from the early 1970s. A long-time cult favourite, Death Line (aka Raw Meat) features stylishly grim imagery from Oscar-nominated cinematographer Alex Thomson and a rumbustuously sleazy soundtrack from Wil Mallone and Jeremy Rose. Transferred from original film elements it is presented here as a brand-new High Definition restoration in its original theatrical aspect ratio.

When a philandering politician goes missing on the Underground, the subsequent police investigation uncovers a terrifying secret kept hidden since the 1800s. Who – or what – is turning the Underground tunnels into a Death Line..?

Previously available only on DVD in the UK, Death Line has been newly scanned to 2K resolution from the original 35mm camera negative and extensively restored in its original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1 for this exclusive UK Blu-ray release. The restoration involved careful grain management, both automated and manual removal of film dirt and damage, and correction of major instability, warping and density fluctuations.


• Mind the Doors!: an interview with Hugh Armstrong
• Limited edition, collectable booklet written by Laura Mayne • Theatrical Trailer
• Image Gallery
• PDF Material

Mind the Doors! A one-off interview with the incredibly friendly Hugh Armstrong, who provides insights into his life and acting career, including his portrayal of ‘The Man’ in Death Line.

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