Steampunk artists and designers, we need you!

Win £250 in Direct Blinds’ steampunk design competition

Some inspiration, courtesy of

Do you dream of the days when airships ruled the skies, gentlemen duelled with steam-assisted rayguns, and a waxed moustache was considered the very apex of fashion? Then your artistic talents are about to be put to good use!

Following the fantastic success of Direct Blinds’ retro gaming blinds, the company are holding a competition to find our next big graphic design. Steampunk is the theme, so whether it’s a smoggy cityscape, a clockwork contraption, a dirigible battle or something altogether more fanciful, they want to see what you can do.

The competition opens 19 November 2012, and the deadline for entries is 3 December 2012. Entries will be judged by acclaimed science fiction authors Ian Macleod and James P Blaylock, who will select 20 of the best to be displayed in an online gallery. It’s then opened up to a public vote to decide the overall winner, who receives:

  • A £250 cash prize
  • A roller blind featuring their design
  • Promotion of their work across Direct Blinds and industry sites

“A stunning design turns the ordinary into the extraordinary – and there are few things more extraordinary than the fantastical world of steampunk,” said Nic Swift, joint managing director, at Direct Blinds. “We look forward to seeing some amazing entries in this competition, and wish all our anachronauts the very best of luck.”

Ian Macleod added: “Good design is about using invention to create an atmosphere – much like good writing, in fact – and I’m really looking forward to seeing what this fascinatingly themed competition turns up.”

To enter, click here.