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Why you should read… New Avengers: Breakout


7Avengers Disassembled is one of the few event comics I’d actively endorse. Not because of the story itself, I should point out, but because the rebooted Avengers title – New Avengers – is cracking, blockbuster stuff. That particularly applies to its first volume, Breakout, which sees the core group of superheroes united by the unlikeliest of circumstances.

As implied by the title, a mass breakout occurs on the Raft, essentially Rikers Island for supervillains, and there to contain it is Captain America, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Luke Cage and the mysterious, nervous wreck, The Sentry. What ensues is a large-scale battle that even the most cynical comic book fan will enjoy – it’s fanservice, pure and simple, but well-told and intriguing enough to reignite interest in The Avengers as a concept.

Even though fan reaction was heated towards the decision to break up The Avengers, it nevertheless revived the title’s flagging sales, becoming the centrepiece of the Marvel universe before the line expanded towards the Civil War event.

Breakout looks great, as well. David Finch is a tremendously talented artist, one of the best of his generation working in mainstream comics, in my opinion. His moment of triumph comes during the part of the story when The Sentry, brought out of his stupor, picks up Spider-Man’s long-time villain Carnage, flies into space then rips him in half.

Awesome! I said that a lot while I read Breakout, and unless you’re immune to fun comic books, so will you.

New Avengers Volume One: Breakout is published by Marvel Comics.