We Are All Ghosts in the Forest: Cover reveal for Lorraine Wilson's post-apocalyptic thriller

We Are All Ghosts in the Forest: Cover reveal for Lorraine Wilson’s post-apocalyptic thriller

Said to be perfect for fans of The Last of Us and Station Eleven, check out the cover and find out more about We Are All Ghosts in the Forest.

ghosts in the forest

What would happen if the internet ever died? That’s the question being asked in Lorraine Wilson’s upcoming post-apocalyptic novel, We Are All Ghosts in the Forest. The book is set to be released this November and we’re delighted to reveal its haunting cover designed by Jo Walker!

Check out the official synopsis for We Are All Ghosts in the Forest…

When the internet collapsed, it took the world with it, leaving its digital ghosts behind – and they are hungry. Former photojournalist Katerina fled the overrun cities to the relative safety of her grandmother’s village on the edge of a forest, where she lives a solitary life of herbal medicine and beekeeping.

When a wordless boy finds her in the marketplace with nothing but her name in his pocket, her curiosity won’t allow her to turn him away. But haunting his arrival are rumours of harvest failure and a rampant digital disease stirring up the ghosts, and the mood in the village starts to sour.

Accused of witchcraft, Katerina and Stefan escape into the forest, searching for his missing father and the truth behind the disease. If there is a cure, Katerina alone might find it, but first she must find the courage to trust others – because the ghosts that follow her aren’t just digital.

Lorraine Wilson is a conservation scientist and third culture Scot, she lives by the sea writing stories influenced by folklore and the wilderness. She has a PhD from the University of St. Andrews but left academia and turned to writing due to disabling illness. Her debut novel, the dystopian thriller This Is Our Undoing, was a multi-award finalist. The follow up, a dark folkloric mystery The Way The Light Bends, was longlisted for the BSFA Best Novel award; her third book, Mother Sea, is an exploration of motherhood, climate change and belonging, and was called ‘complex, rich and beautifully crafted’ by Claire North, author of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. Lorraine has been stalked by wolves and befriended pythons, she also runs the Rewriting The Margins mentorship scheme for marginalised writers.

We Are All Ghosts in the Forest will be released in hardback, eBook, and audiobook on 7 November 2024 in the UK