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DOORS: Win unique new three-in-one adventure story!

We have three prizes in one with our latest competition for Markus Heitz’s new tale DOORS!

Three in one DOORS

Have you ever finished a book and thought ‘I wonder what would have happened if that character took a different path?’ well, in Markus Heitz’s DOORS the question of ‘what if’ is very much answered with three stories in one!

Each story starts the same – a team of experts (including free-climbers, a geologist, a parapsychologist, even a medium) are tasked with finding heiress, Anna-Lena, who has disappeared somewhere within a mysterious cave system under the old house the family abandoned years ago.

In a gigantic cavern the team come across a number of strange doors, three of them marked with enigmatic symbols. Anna-Lena must be behind one of them – but time is running out and they need to choose, quickly. Anna-Lena is no longer the only person at risk.

Each door the team chooses is a completely different story – a completely different time period, or even during a completely different history to our own – and each is as thrilling and as dangerous as the next.

Consisting of DOORS: Colony, DOORS: Twilight and DOORS: Fields Of Blood, the only thing consistent about all three stories is its beginning… and the fact that one is safe.

To celebrate the release of DOORS we have an amazing three sets to give away. That’s right, three sets of all three books!

To be in with a chance of winning one of the sets, just answer the simple question below…

*** Competition Expired ***

DOORS by Markus Heitz is out now. To read our interview with Markus and his publisher Jo Fletcher check out the new issue of SciFiNow+ out on 9 March. Subscribe here and receive an exclusive 20% off!