Cursed Under London: Cover reveal for alt history fantasy

Cursed Under London: Cover reveal for alt history fantasy

A queer historical fantasy romcom adventure set in an alternate world? Count us in! Find out more about Gabby Hutchinson Crouch’s upcoming novel, Cursed Under London.

From Horrible Histories author, Gabby Hutchinson Crouch, comes a new romantasy with Cursed Under London, which is book 1 in the Cursed series and you can see the brand new cover above!

Check out the official synopsis here…

The year is 1599. Fang, a grumpy, heartbroken traveller from the Ming Empire, awakes from death to discover he’s not quite human any more. Nor is he a zombie, vampire, werewolf or any of the other supernatural beings who roam the segregated cities of Upper London and its dragon-ruled underground counterpart, Deep London.

He stumbles upon Lazare de Quitte-Beuffe, a people-pleasing popinjay of an actor afflicted with the same strange mysterious curse, which means neither of them can die. Thrown together by immortality, the two strangers set out to reverse the spell, traversing the dangers of Deep London and encountering vampires, ghouls, ogres, poets, púca, magical talking swans and the zombie of Christopher Marlowe, all the while trying to ignore the intense connection between them.

As they are drawn further into the shadowy world of Deep London, they unearth a dangerous plot which they appear to be right in the middle of. Needing to reverse the spell and get on with being dead, the worst thing they could do, right now, would be to fall in love…

Cursed Under London is out this summer but for those who can’t wait until then, we have chapter one for you to read right now! Aren’t we good to you lot.

Click on the image below to read Chapter One…

Cursed Under London is published by Farrago on 25 July.