Alien Clay: Exclusive reveal for Adrian Tchaikovsky far-future adventure

Alien Clay: Exclusive reveal for Adrian Tchaikovsky far-future adventure

A professor discovers an ancient civilisation on the planet in which he in imprisoned in Adrian Tchaikovsky’s brand new sci-fi Alien Clay. Check out the cover and find an exclusive excerpt…

SFF legend Adrian Tchaikovsky is back next year with thrilling, far-future adventure Alien Clay and not only are we delighted to be exclusively sharing the otherworldly cover (above) but we’re also giving you a sneak peek into the novel! We’re good to you lot aren’t we…

But first, check out the official synopsis for Alien Clay

The planet of Kiln is where the tyrannical Mandate keeps its prison colony, and for inmates the journey there is always a one-way trip. One such prisoner is Professor Arton Daghdev, xeno-ecologist and political dissident. Soon after arrival he discovers that Kiln has a secret. Humanity is not the first intelligent life to set foot there.

In the midst a ravenous, chaotic ecosystem are the ruins of a civilization, but who were the vanished builders and where did they go? If he can survive both the harsh rule of the camp commandant and the alien horrors of the world around him, then Arton has a chance at making a discovery that might just transform not only Kiln but distant Earth as well.

We still have to wait until next March until we can get our greedy little mitts on Alien Clay (boo) but for those of you who can’t wait, we have an exclusive excerpt from Chapter One of the book here (yay!).

Simply click on the image below to be transported…

Alien Clay by Adrian Tchaikovsky is published 28 March, 2024. Pre-order here.