Your Star Wars memories: Fatima Oldenburg

Being a Star Wars geek eventually pays off

The third in our incredible series of Star Wars memories, written by you as a testament to the incredible power of the saga to transcend age, genre and cynicism. If this inspires you to submit your own, check out the details here!

Everybody knows the name, everybody knows the basic story but to some of us Star Wars is more than just a saga; it’s a part of life.

I, like many others, have been completely sold since first seeing the trilogy as a kid.

To me Star Wars is like a bowl of mixed candy; with all the colorful and imaginative scenery and characters. The way they talked was unlike any other movies I’d seen before and it enhanced the feeling of stepping into a new world – or galaxy more so. The very first impression I remember is of course the music score along with the askew yellow words floating upwards. You could tell this was going to be something epic.

Although it’s obvious today what decade the trilogy was shot, you overlook the little flaws (even more so ever since the touched up re-releases) because of two things. First off the story is just so good each time you watch it that you don’t care about the odd alien looking a little too puppet-like.  Secondly, even now, high budget movies can make embarrassing errors when overusing special effects, so considering the first movie was shot over four decades ago; its effects remain quite impressive.

The clearest memory I have is how I had sympathy for Darth Vader and was feeling really sad when he died. He was so iconic and even as a kid I knew there was more to him than just evil so I didn’t, and still don’t, like it when he takes his mask off so you get to see just how tattered and vulnerable he really is. I realise now that was the whole point but I can’t help but pout a little when such an awesome character dies like that. Even though he did it protecting his son. I get it, I get it.

I never thought the Ewoks were any cute, in fact I found them quite creepy and annoying. In fact I still do. Is that blasphemy in the realms of Star Wars fans?

One character I always found super cool is of course Han Solo. It wasn’t as much adoring him as it was wanting to be like him. He was everything anyone would want to be; cocky, funny, witty, charming and last but not least he had heart. Did I mention he also had the most awesome spaceship ever?

I remember my boyfriend told me how he and his brother blew up the huge Millennium Falcon replica they had when they were young and I still cringe at the thought of that ship being ruined in the hands of kids who clearly didn’t appreciate the beauty of it.
Growing up in the late Eighties/early Nineties there weren’t many girls who wanted to play with the weird chick whose dolls consisted of Star Wars and Turtles and geeks weren’t appreciated very much. These days people even try and pose as geeks because they’ve finally realised that we are indeed the ones who know how to enjoy life. We who use references from movies and shows in our everyday life, and who know that Jedis are real.
Also Yoda-ism legit language it is.