Your scariest movie moment: Jared O’Malley

The power of the Blair Witch Project meant you didn’t have to see it to feel the fear

I remember when The Blair Witch Project first came out and all the hype it was given! I didn’t see it at the movies but was very curious indeed about what was all the fuss! So I waited six months till the DVD was released for rental, by that time it was June, the start of winter and all the elements that winter brings! I was still curious about the movie, so I started my obsession reading articles, studying pictures, watching trailers. I still hadn’t even seen it! Then I started having dreams about myself alone in the woods, in my tent hearing screams in the distance,snapped twigs and even the laughter of children in the night. When I awoke I was terrified, it was soooooooo real, I used to get the chills everytime I was alone, and break out into cold sweats on a common basis just thinking of the movie.

About a year later I was at the video store with my sister hiring Shrek as a new release, we could get two free weekly movies, I chose Sleepy Hollow (one of my favourite movies). My sister said “Have you seen this?” holding the cover of Blair Witch! It was time to confront my fears, so we hired it. I thought to myself maybe it’s not that bad? We watched Shrek first, the whole time my eyes glanced over at the cover of Blair Witch with curiosity and terror.

When Shrek finished it was time for Blair Witch! From start to finish I was terrified, it was just like my dream, I was shocked! Freaky scenes like the children’s voices, snapping twigs, Josh’s faint scream, finding the ear, those wierd stuck figures, everything in that cabin and just the fact that they were lost and were being hunted by an unseen force freaked the living hell outta me! We even watched the documentary which was even scarier than the movie with all the people giving their stories and experiences made the movie a reality! I must admit I’m 26 now and whenever it’s mentioned I freeze for a moment.

What horror movie scarred you for life, stuck with you through your formative years, or opened your eyes to the possibilities of the genre? Let us know and you could win some amazing Halloween goodies!