Why you should read Green Arrow: Archer’s Quest

An exemplary Emerald Archer adventure.

Bestselling author Brad Meltzer is perhaps best-known by comic book fans for his work on the smashing miniseries Identity Crisis, in which DC heroes were picked off one by one in brutal fashion. Prior to that, however, he was handed the reins on the relaunched Green Arrow title after writer Kevin Smith moved on – collaborating with Phil Hester, he put together a story arc that could convert anyone not familiar with Oliver Queen into a fan, such is its accessibility.

Archer’s Quest offers an introspective look at the Green Arrow character, as Olly examines all aspects of his life from his relationship with his son to the death of his old friends – as such, it’s pretty downbeat, but it successfully merges all the disparate elements of the character’s history into a satisfying, smart story. Though it’s relatively light on superheroics compared to other storylines involving the Emerald Archer, Archer’s Quest is an insightful portrayal of an underrated superhero.