True Blood’s Charlaine Harris reveals Dead Ever After spoilers

Will Sookie Stackhouse live happily ever after? Spoilers ahead…

Charlaine Harris spoke exclusively to SciFiNow ahead of the final book in the Sookie Stackhouse series that inspired True Blood.

The 13th and final book, Dead Ever After, harks back to its murder mystery roots as Sookie is arrested for a crime. After making bail she tries to clear her name, but her investigation only leads to more deaths. “I think the books that were murder mystery were the more successful ones, the more focused,” she says.

The plot will also feature the Devil. “Well, there’s a Devil, not the Devil,” Harris clarifies, “If I have the fae, some of whom are trying to become Angels, I think by implication it can be assumed that there are Devils, too.”

The artwork for Dead Ever After reveals Sookie's past and present lovers
The artwork for Dead Ever After reveals Sookie’s past and present lovers

Fans will also see the return of the some of Sookie’s past and potential lovers, as the book’s artwork reveals. It features Sookie, Eric, Alcide, Sam and Quinn (in their supernatural forms) walking around the edge of a full moon. Conspicuous by his absence is Vampire Bill, who Sookie fell for in the first book, and fans are waiting to see who she will ultimately end up with, if anyone.

Harris is expecting mixed reactions to the ending: “I always knew I couldn’t write an end that would make everybody happy and, of course, I haven’t,” she says. “It’s the right ending and it’s the one I had planned from the beginning, but it’s inevitable that there are going to people that are gonna be less than happy with it.”

Dead Ever After will be published by Gollancz on 7 May 2013.