The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer reveals zombie felons and more prison action!

New Walking Dead trailer plus sneak previews into Rick’s new dictatorship.

We’re dying for The Walking Dead Season 3 to air, especially since seeing this new suspense-filled trailer and three sneak peeks! Last season, the group forced Rick into the role of leader and he declared it will no longer be a “democracy”, and the third run of episodes are being dubbed the ‘Ricktatorship’.

Actor Andrew Lincoln says: “He was processing a lot of difficult things and thinking on his feet. He was sick of everything. This season, he reaches the point where he breaks… ultimatum, either you’re with me or against me or shut the fuck up. I’m not spoiling anything by saying we don’t start with this guy who is a benign dictator. That may be where he’s heading, which is interesting when we have this counterpoint with the Governor.”

Take a look at the clips below for evidence that this season may just be the best, most zombie-packed one yet! What do you guys think?

Videos via Ace Showbiz

The Walking Dead Season 3 will air Friday 19 October 2012 at 10pm on FX.