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The Hunting Moon: Cover reveal and sneak peek for sequel to The Luminaries

We reveal the cover for The Hunter Moon, the sequel to the brilliant fantasy The Luminaries, PLUS we head back to Hemlock Falls with Chapters One and Two of the new novel…

Susan Dennard’s The Luminaries was one of our top SFF books for January and now the adventures of Winnie Wednesday are set to continue in the book’s sequel The Hunting Moon, which will be released this winter.

We’re delighted to not only reveal the cover (above) for The Hunting Moon but we’re also letting you return to the mysterious Hemlock Falls with a sneak peek at the upcoming book!

In The Hunting Moon, Winnie Wednesday has gotten everything she thought she wanted. She passed the deadly hunter trials, her family has been welcomed back into the Luminaries, and overnight, she has become a local celebrity. The Girl Who Jumped. The Girl Who Got Bitten.

Unfortunately, it all feels wrong. For one, nobody will believe her about the new nightmare called the Whisperer that’s killing hunters each night. Everyone blames the werewolf, even though Winnie is certain the wolf is innocent. On top of that, following her dad’s convoluted clues about the Dianas, their magic, and what happened in Hemlock Falls four years ago is leaving her with more questions than answers. Then to complicate it all, there is still only one person who can help her: Jay Friday, the boy with plenty of problems all his own.

As bodies and secrets pile up around town, Winnie finds herself questioning what it means to be a true Wednesday and a true Luminary―and also where her fierce-hearted loyalties might ultimately have to lie.

The Hunting Moon will be released this November, but if you’re anything like us and can’t wait to unlock some of the mysteries of Hemlock Falls, we have chapters one and two right here!

Just click on the image below…

Susan Dennard is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of the Witchlands series (now in development for TV from the Jim Henson Company), and the Something Strange and Deadly series. She also runs the popular newsletter for writers, the Misfits and Daydreamers. When not writing or teaching writing, she can be found rolling the dice as a Dungeon Master or mashing buttons on one of her way too many consoles. 

The Hunting Moon by Susan Dennard will be released on 7 November by Daphne Press.