Is the next TV season a no-hoper for sci-fi?

It’s not looking great next year.

vabcAlthough it’d be tempting to say that the presence of wrestling on SyFy in the US proclaims the doom of sci-fi, examining the diminishing nature of this year’s sci-fi shows paints a bleak picture in itself.

FlashForward and V, ABC’s only non-Lost sci-fi output are among both network’s lowest-rated shows. This is not good. Likewise, Chuck has struggled in the ratings for NBC during its third season, no doubt of a by-product of its lack of support on a Monday night. Heroes is all but dead – its time as the buzz show of network drama is long behind it.

It’s a shame, because the pilot season doesn’t bode too well for genre TV, either. Aside from HBO’s Game Of Thrones, you have The Cape on NBC and not a whole lot else.

So, unless the situation turns around drastically, join me in shedding a tear for the near-death of sci-fi TV. At least Smallville, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries will return next year for another season.

EDIT: Oh, and Stargate Universe, of course.