Heroes to get a final season? Shut it down…

Some shows don’t need to go on and on.

heroOf all the shows that justifiably fell from grace in the eyes of critics and viewers, Heroes had it coming. The pace of this series moved at a snail’s crawl following its second season, while its characters have become more and more contrived. Its central premise – ordinary people getting superpowers, and watching how it transforms their lives – was lost under countless boring story strands involving one-dimensional villains, good ol’ amnesia plots and deaths for the sake of it.

Basically, I’m done with the show. Rarely have I seen such a fall from grace in television; it’s not like Heroes was ever an incredible drama to begin with, either, so its further decline over the past two years has been really something to watch.

NBC, however, may not agree. President Angel Bromstad implied that both Heroes and Chuck could return next season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Now, I’m all for Chuck getting a fourth season – that show is in a good place, creatively – but sometimes, it’s worth saying goodbye before outstaying your welcome. Heroes’ declining ratings imply that its audience has moved on.