Free The Walking Dead Season 2 app

FX launch The Walking Dead app to coincide with the launch of Season 2 on 17 February 2012

FX UK has launched a new companion app to accompany the launch of The Walking Dead season 2. It’s free to download and cleverly uses audio watermarking technology, like Shazaam, but with the TV. This means users can play along live with The Walking Dead as you watch the episode, predicting the number of Walker kills and the weapons used to end their afterlife.

Simply press the Sync button at any point during the episode to connect your iPhone/iPad to the show, whether you’re watching live or on catch-up TV. Other content on board include a live thrill meter, previous zombie kills and season 2 teasers. You can then upload your final score to Facebook or Twitter for your friends and fellow fans to see.

Watch The Walking Dead season 2 on FX on February 17th 2012.