True Blood Season 6 New Clips: Who’s Alcide Growling At?

New True Blood Season 6 clips show Alcide as Packmaster and Jason on the hunt for Warlow

True-BloodSookie’s still sticking up for fangkind in True Blood Season 6. In the latest promo, she acts as a human shield for Nora out of loyalty to Eric. Does that mean she still has a soft spot for the Sheriff? Any fangbanging relations won’t go down well with her brother Jason, who is on the hunt for the vampire that killed his parents, staking anyone in his way.

In another clip, we see Alcide asserting his new Packmaster authority. He wants to welcome Luna’s pup into the pack, but not everyone’s wagging their tail in agreement. The pup makes an appearance, as does the trademark Alcide growl. Where’s Luna, though? We’re getting worried…

True Blood Season 6 airs on HBO in June and on FOX later this year. Waiting sucks.