The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Teases Glenn and Maggie’s fate

The Walking Dead S3E06 Hounded spoilers…

WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead episode 6, ‘Hounded’, airing Friday 23rd Nov 2012 on FX in the UK.

We’re getting closer to the Woodbury settlement and the Atlanta survivors meeting after episode 6’s events. Merle (Michael Rooker) captured Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohen) and forced them to drive him back to Woodbury to meet with the Governor.

That’s as far as we got, but the sneak peeks of next week’s episode revealed Glenn under interrogation. Executive Producer Robert Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter that they may not get out unscathed:

“They’re being taken there as prisoners and we saw how the Governor dealt with the National Guardsmen and the pilot they had in their custody,” Kirkman said. “It could be two more heads for his fish tanks or something else. What they do with them once they get back to Woodbury is a mystery for now but I don’t think it’s going to be a pleasant visit for either of them. They’re definitely not going to get out of this unscathed. Every character has grown to think of those people as their family; they would do anything to protect their family and that’s going to put them in some pretty uncomfortable situations moving forward.”

Of course, Michonne (Danai Gurrira) saw the whole thing and showed up at the prison fence, locking eyes with Rick (Andrew Lincoln). With her on their side, group could stand a good chance against the Governor and his men, and a showdown is imminent, as Kirkman continues:

To a certain extent, Woodbury has already gone on offensive with Merle taking Maggie and Glenn so anything the people at the prison would do would be a reaction to that. There’s definitely a huge confrontation on the horizon and it’s only a matter of time before these two groups are facing each other head to head.

But Rick isn’t in a good headspace at the moment, as we witnessed when he started talking to his dead wife Lori on the phone. Hershel was there when Rick was waiting for the call, he picked up the phone and seemed to look pitying at Rick. Did he hear a dial tone?

That’s something that will come up at some point. Hershel is a smart man and he knows that Rick is their best chance at being a leader, at keeping this group together. If they were to lose Rick at this point, it would be complete chaos. While he does recognize that there is something going on, and that Rick isn’t quite right, he’s going to protect that secret and protect Rick to a certain extent.

And what about Andrea and her really awful taste in men?! This episode saw her smitten (and in bed with) the Governor, a man so dangerous he makes Walkers look harmless…

It’s not going to go too long without her noticing the heads in the fish tank or some of the other things that are on the undercurrent here.

When asked about when or if she will discover Penny, the Governor’s zombie daughter in the closet, Kirkman laughed and said we won’t be seeing any “unison hairbrushing anytime soon”.

The Walking Dead is currently airing on Friday nights at 10pm on FX.