The Walking Dead Season 3 finale will be “unexpected and satisfying”

The Walking Dead’s Glen Mazzara on the Season 3 finale and why he left the show

twdThe Walking Dead is coming to an end, with only three episodes to go (if you’re watching at UK pace). The past couple of episodes have been the calm before the storm and showrunner Glen Mazzara says it’s strategic:

“Everyone’s in play now, everyone’s on stage, everybody has a stake in it and I think it’ll be a very interesting, surprising ending for the fans,” he told The Ottawa Citizen. “I know it won’t be what people will expect but I think hopefully it’ll be emotionally satisfying.”

The 16th and final episode will be the last of Mazzara’s run on The Walking Dead since he took the torch from Frank Darabont in Season 2. He said it came down to “creative differences” rather than “one specific storyline or character’s fate”.

“After a while we were at a bit of a stalemate,” he admitted. “We thought it was best to split amicably. And I’ve done this before on shows where I realise if I’m not the creator of the show — and it’s AMC’s show — then it’s only fair that we split and they have the opportunity to make the show that they want to make.”

Fans will be sad to see him go. He introduced one of the best villain’s on TV with the Governor (David Morrissey), and said goodbye to Lori Grimes and poor T-Dog by episode 4 in the most dramatic ways. The last few episodes are bound to feature more deaths if any of the previous finales are to go by and we’re praying it’s background characters. This far in, any major player departures are going to hurt.

The Walking Dead Season 3 airs Fridays at 10pm on FOX.