The Walking Dead S03E11 ‘I Ain’t No Judas’ episode review

Our review of The Walking Dead Season 3 episode 11 ‘I Ain’t No Judas’. Spoilers ahead…

For better or worse, this was an Andrea-centric (Laurie Holden) episode.

It was all about her reuniting with the Atlanta survivors (Team Prison) and trying to build bridges on behalf of the Governor (David Morrissey) and Woodbury. Michonne (Danai Gurira) puts it best, “I didn’t realise the Messiah complex was contagious.” It was a great moment between the two, where Michonne was finally able to tell Andrea about her boyfriend’s plot to kill her upon fleeing Woodbury. It would have been Andrea’s ass on the line too, she tells her, if she’d bothered to leave her warm bed. The scene exposed more of Michonne’s personality than we’ve previously seen, and it’s good news that next week’s episode pushes her into the limelight further (see the trailer below).

‘I Ain’t No Judas’ was low on walkers but still managed to have us in a headlock, such is the quality of the writing on this show. People like Carol (Melissa McBride) may not get much airtime, but the snatched conversation with Andrea about dealing with her violent partner (turn the sex dial to 11 and then kill him while he sleeps) was a highlight, rewarding loyal viewers with a nod to Carol’s domestic violence plagued past. It was also interesting to watch her break the news of how Shane died (and T-Dog’s name is shoehorned in there, bless), but if you thought that would make Andrea realise what crappy taste in men she has, you’ll be disappointed. In the end, she leads us on like she did the Governor but unlike him, we don’t get any pay off.

The brief prison visit did get things moving on the war front, however, as Rick revealed he’s planning a preemptive strike on Woodbury. It’s a logical conclusion since they’re clearly outnumbered, particularly as the Governor isn’t ruling out arthritic old ladies or asthmatic young boys. So long as they can carry a gun, they’re gearing for battle. In reality, they’re going to provide plenty of canon fodder in what will surely be a brutal and bloody war… that now includes TYREESE!

The story is heading in a completely unexpected direction by handing him and his annoyingly hotheaded group over to the Governor. Thoughts of him becoming Rick’s second-in-command like in the graphic novels are dashed for now, as he happily agrees to draw a map of the prison. When he blurts out how crazy and unhinged Rick is, we’re quite smug. Yeah, Governor, think you’re bad with your tank full of heads? Our leader will slam a machete into your skull. Rick’s slowly getting his mojo back at last.

The Walking Dead episode 12 ‘Clear’ airs Friday 8 March 2013 at 10pm on FOX. Watch the trailer below…